Layoff Reporting

The KDOL layoff reporting program provides employers with a way to help their employees obtain unemployment benefits during a layoff. The program lets employers file the initial unemployment application for employees impacted by permanent, temporary or seasonal layoffs or even plant shutdowns (the size or length of the layoff does not matter). KDOL requests employers use the layoff reporting program for layoffs of 10 or more employees.

What you need to know:
  • Completing the layoff reporting spreadsheet does not mean that the employer assumes responsibility for the unemployment claim. Activation of the claim and receipt of benefits is the sole responsibility of the employee.
  • It is required that employers notify all employees included in the layoff filing that identity verification with the Social Security Administration will be conducted before any benefits are payable.
  • Many permanent layoffs have additional reporting requirements for employers under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act. Those requirements are covered in the WARN Act Handbook for Employers from the USDOL.
  • Additional programs and benefits may apply to your workers under the Trade Act Program.
  • KDOL's Rapid Response Team can help you and your employees prepare for a layoff and get the affected employees unemployment benefits and help finding new employment. Call (785) 291-6010 or you can learn More about Rapid Response.

To download the layoff template and submit layoff information to start unemployment benefits for your employees, select one of the choices listed below.

Download layoff spreadsheet template

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