SIDES: State Information Data Exchange System

SIDES ends the Employer Notice paper trail.

SIDES E-Response is a free website that lets you respond to unemployment insurance requests electronically. No paper. No mail. No waiting. The good news is you may already be signed up. Just access the site through your Kansas Department of Labor employer login and enjoy these benefits.


Keeps UI rates low by preventing payments to former workers who don’t meet eligibility requirements.

Fast & Secure

Eliminates delays from mail and paper handling and multiple layers of security protect your sensitive data.


Reduces follow-up phone calls, appeals, postage costs, paperwork and staff allocation.


Ensures complete information is provided through standard edits, validation and business rules.

SIDES E-Response Tutorial

SIDES E-Response Tutorial Video

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Study Finds Electronic Unemployment Insurance Data Submission Tool a “Game-Changer” in Accuracy, Timeliness, and Reducing Man Hours

WASHINGTON - A study conducted  earlier this year found when state and territory Unemployment Insurance (UI) agencies, in conjunction with small and large employers, and third-party employer representatives, utilized the secure State

Information Data Exchange System (SIDES), a tool administrated by the National Association of State Workforce Agencies, (NASWA), to transmit and verify UI claims information pertaining to former employees, the relevant data was significantly more accurate and timely than that of entities who did not utilize SIDES. Furthermore, employers of all sizes and third-party employer representatives who utilized SIDES to transmit and verify UI claims data with UI agencies experienced a remarkable reduction in man hours spent and paperwork associated with traditional verification of former employee UI claims data.

"The implications of this study with respect to the effectiveness of SIDES are staggering," said Scott B. Sanders, Executive Director of the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA). "Not only were claims data transfers through SIDES much more accurate than that of those submitted via traditional methods, paperwork for employers large and small, third-party employer representatives, as well as UI agencies was reduced. Additionally, man hours spent gathering and submitting information were shortened. Quite simply, the study verified SIDES is a game-changer for improving the timeliness, accuracy and integrity of UI claims data."

Access the Executive Summary and the full SIDES Employer Response Study.