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You may use this online service to complete a Status Determination Report, K-CNS 010, apply for a state unemployment tax number, report changes to your existing account, file your Quarterly Wage Report & Unemployment Tax Return, K-CNS 100. The Mass Layoff spreadsheet is available for download and upload. Login or registration is required for utilizing the online tax services.

Available on this site:

• Upload Data Files: Previously when filing over the internet employers or employer representatives had to manually type each employee and their respective wages. Now employers or employer representatives can simply upload a properly formatted wage file to avoid manual typing.

• Payment Warehousing: Previously when paying online the payment was removed from the client bank account almost immediately. Now with payment warehousing you can set the date that your payment will be made.

• Pay Anytime: Previously clients could only make a payment after filing an online wage report. Now clients can make a payment at anytime for any amount.

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